Specialist Trauma Service

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Residential House Manager for LAC, 2019

Consultation with Adele Parker provided me with in-depth insight and understanding of Trauma, Attachment and Shame and how this can affect children’s thoughts and behaviour. Adele helped me to develop my own and my home’s practise to enable us to make our young people feel safe and contained. This allowed us to develop and progress our young people to build upon their resilience and wellbeing. Adele helped me and my team to understand and practise therapeutic parenting within my home which has impacted greatly upon the quality of care we have been able to provide. This has contributed to the home receiving an overall judgement of outstanding at our last three Ofsted inspections.

Residential House Manager for LAC, 2019

Thank you for everything over the last couple of years. You really have helped me so much. You opened my eyes to so much and I genuinely feel like I am a better person and dad because of it. I don't think we can measure the impact you've had and the work will continue

Adult Survivor, 2020

Thank you so very much for what you have done for me, I will be forever grateful. I can now happily live my life without the constant fear that I had before

Young Adult Survivor, 2020

So today marks 6 years since I was sexually assaulted and for the first time I finally feel at peace. I no longer look over my shoulder at what has happened but look to the future. I raised a glass to myself this evening for everything I have overcome. Thank you for everything you did to support me. I never could have done it without you

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