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Specialist Sports Service

Specialist Sport Service

Athletes competing in professional sport are often immersed in a pressurised and demanding environment.  Clinical Psychologists within the field of sport and sport injury look at the impact that the sporting environment, among other factors, can have on an athlete’s psychological wellbeing and mental health.  We combine psychological theory and evidence-based treatments within the field of mental health to assist athletes who have encountered sports injury and other difficulties that impact their emotional wellbeing. 

We provide services for…

  • Anxiety & low mood associated with current and future performance

  • Loss, depression, and difficulties associated with identity when a professional career comes to an abrupt end

  • Pain management – changing the athlete’s experience of pain as well as processing somatic experiences associated with traumatic injury

  • Neuropsychological assessments associated with head injury

  • Access to a large team of experienced Clinical Psychologists offering tailored interventions to address generic mental health difficulties that may be impacting on sport performance, including post trauma (such as PTSD), bereavement and loss, anxiety disorders (such as OCD, panic, health anxiety), body image and eating difficulties, low of self-esteem and self-confidence, relationship difficulties and poor sleep

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Cricket Game

We also acknowledge that the environment that the athlete is immersed in can contribute to negative mental health or psychological difficulties.  We offer a range of services to support coaches, medical teams and other professionals within the sport to consider the ways that environments impact athletes and develop interventions tailored to each individual club, team or organisation to reduce these risks. 


We provide services for organisations including…

  • Training and education for athletes, medical staff and coaching teams

  • Consultation and supervision for medical staff and coaching teams

  • Routine mental health screening of athletes

  • Therapeutic group intervention

Our Specialist Sport Service is led by Dr Adele Parker and Dr Sam White (please see Our Sports Team to learn more).

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